How to Use Reverse Psychology to Get Your Ex Back - Here is a Dirty Trick Which Works Well

Published: 27th April 2010
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If you have exhausted all your usual efforts in convincing your ex to get back with you, then it could be time to use reverse psychology to do the job for you. Read these 3 tips on how to use reverse psychology to get your ex back and do NOT use them on your ex. Got it?

Tip 1 - Ignoring your ex is bliss. Start ignoring your ex whenever you meet him/her. Show your ex that you are continuing with your life and are no longer dependent on him/her. This will implant a feeling of fear in your ex that you might soon forget about him/her and walk into the sunset alone or with another person, and force your ex into taking action to get you back.

Tip 2 - Pay unending tributes to your ex. Whenever you are in the company of common friends, make it a point to sing tributes of the positive qualities of your ex. As word of your appreciation reaches your ex, he/she will start feeling guilty of having broken up with you and will compel your ex too to start mouthing flowery praises in your favor. This could quickly turn into a mutual admiration society for the two of you and will soon make your ex realize that you indeed have some really good qualities.

Tip 3 - Always agree with your ex. Instead of fighting every decision made by your ex, agree or at least pretend to agree with your ex on all his/her decisions right from when he/she says that you need to break up to requiring some time to be alone to make up his/her mind. This will confuse your ex and he/she might start rethinking about all decisions that were made by him/her. Once you have broken the confidence of your ex, then it will become easy for you to start expressing your thoughts and getting them approved by your ex.

These 3 tips will perplex your ex and will allow you to gain the upper hand within a short time. Use them to frighten, please and confuse your ex in an unending cycle and then step in to take control at the opportune time.

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