How to Use Mind Control on Your Ex to Persuade Them to Take You Back! 3 Tips to Convince Them!

Published: 26th May 2010
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Can I really convince my ex to take me back? The truth is you CAN! In fact, you can literally persuade your ex in so many ways using simple mind control techniques.

Read on to find out how you can use mind control to persuade your ex to take you back...

Ethical persuasion

We are not going to make your ex do something they DO NOT want to, but rather what I am going to show you, is how to subconsciously convince your ex to take you back, based on the thoughts and feelings they have had for you in the past.

This means that we will not be generating fake emotions or responses, but rather will re-generate a response that your ex has already had, through their thoughts and feelings about you now.

Using fear

You may have seen this before: A child is misbehaving, and the parents have a talk with the child and threaten to "ground the child if they do the bad thing again. This in turn PERSUADES the child NOT TO do anything bad, for the fear of losing some privileges.

This, fear of loss is often used in everyday life, without most people even realizing it, and in fact you can use the same technique on your ex, by creating a fear of loss as well.

To create a fear of loss, all you have to do is simply ACCEPT the breakup verbally towards your ex, by thanking them for it. In turn you should then cut off as much contact with your ex as possible, and cut things short whenever they want to talk to you.

This in turn persuades your ex that they are about to lose you, and gives them the idea to start doing whatever is necessary to get your attention once again, because they will feel as though they have done something wrong to push you away.

Use sympathy

No one REALLY likes it if you feel sorry for them, for the WRONG reasons. Any time that you DO communicate with your ex, especially when they initiated the communication, express to your ex that you still feel sorry for them, because they never knew you wanted to break up with them.

This in turn makes your ex psychologically triggered to want to prove to you that they are in fact the kind of person you should desire and want, because you have inadvertently told them that they are not good enough for you.

By feeling sorry for them in this manner, they will also feel slightly offended, but this is good, because it will cause them to feel so much emotion that the only way out of feeling this way is to get you back, and "prove" you wrong.

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