How to Use Jealousy to Get Your Ex Back - Here is a Dirty Little Psychological Trick That Works

Published: 27th April 2010
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Jealousy can be a great weapon for getting your ex back very quickly. If your ex partner has been passionate enough with you, you could probably try to make him/her jealous. Jealousy could also be a good way of getting your ex back but with vengeance. No one likes to see their partners with another guy/girl, not even if it is the ex partner. This is a common human psychology and probably has some undefined reasons as well. However, all I know is that it works like a magic spell.

Try out these 3 following tips to make your ex jealous and see the results all by yourself....

Chalk Out Your Machiavellian Plan-

Before you start dating someone or try out your own fancy ways, you need to have a well chalked plan on the table. Focus on all the minute details. Think of all those times when you saw your ex feeling jealous. What was the cause? Identify that. The opposite sex can always make your ex jealous but you should know how to use it.

Get Closer To A Known Friend-

Bingo!! You must date someone whom you both knew and have been friends. That would make your ex even ore jealous. If you are dating someone whom you either of you have not known, it wouldn't be so convincing. But knowing that you are dating a common friend would just add fuel to fire; which is needed to reignite the sparks in your ex's mind.

Look Dashing, Look Sexy-

This is the time when you guys and girls need to look the best. Go to the gym, hit the salon, the spa and get toned. Be in shape you girls and wear your best outfits to look sexy. Flaunt yourself as much as you can. A new hairdo would be an ad on. When you look like you never did and have a partner by your side your ex would burn into ashes and would only desire to be right there, in your arms!!

Pay Close Attention Here-

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