How to Use Jealousy in a Sneaky Way & Get Your Ex Back? 7 Tips Which Work Real Well

Published: 27th May 2010
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Getting an ex back by making him/her jealous is one trick that is being used since the beginning of time. It is surprising how it succeeds most of the time. Making your ex jealous and luring him/her back falls in the category of 'dirty mind tricks', needless to say that you have to be careful or it can backfire on you big time.

Resort to this trick only when all else fails
Try out other harmless tricks like putting on your best behavior or changing your attitude/temperament before you decide to go in for this tip. However, do make honest efforts to win back your love without making him/her jealous.

Ascertain if your ex still thinks about you
You can do this by probing and questioning your common friends. If the answer is in the affirmative then you need to take the next step. Let your common friends know that you too still have feelings for your ex.

Find someone who will play ball
Since you are going to pretend that you are dating someone else then you will need the help of a genuine friend of the opposite sex. Make it clear in the beginning that you are not in for a serious relationship and are only playacting.

Find someone hot
If you have been dumped by your ex and he/she is really dating someone gorgeous then you too will need to find a hot date that will rival your ex in all departments. In such situations dating someone seriously is inevitable so that your ex gets the message loud and clear.

Be seen with a new date every time you bump into your ex
To deflate your ex's ego you will have to date multiple individuals at the same time. Make sure your ex learns about all your escapades either directly or indirectly through common friends and acquaintances.

Raise your popularity
Try and become the most sought after guy/gal in your community. This can be done by enhancing your strengths and masking all your weaknesses. The key is to make your ex realize that you are an amazing person and other people find you interesting enough to eat out of your hands.

Send your ex signals that you are interested
By now your ex will be envious of your situation and will want to have his/her share of the fun. Attend parties and get-togethers where your ex is present and send him/her obvious signal that don't mind having fun with them. If you have successfully played your cards he/she will jump at the first available opportunity and come running back.

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