How to Undo Your Breakup and Have Your Ex in Your Arms Again - 7 Tips You Must Read Now

Published: 29th May 2010
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If your "I Do" vows have been turned into "I Undo" then you both of you could be suffering from the effects of breakup pains.

However, all is certainly not lost and by following these tips, you can undo your breakup and have your ex in your arms again while proclaiming "I Do" over and over again.

Let go of your instincts The initial steps that you might instinctively take after your breakup would be to cry, make contact, plead for a reunion, or simply land up at your ex's place in a bid to force him/her back into your life.

You will have to let go of these instincts as these might simply end up driving your ex away for good. You need to remain calm and take one day at a time after your breakup.

Focus your thoughts and energy elsewhere Although it could be very difficult, you need to re-focus your life and channel your thoughts and energy on matters other than your ex.

Get a job, work out in a gym, pursue a hobby and meet up with friends constantly so as to realize that your ex was not the only source of your happiness.

Remain in control of your life even after the breakup Instead of pitifully sending out your love on a platter everyday to your ex and watching it getting smashed, remain in control of your life.

Do not express your needs to your ex but instead bottle it up for the time being so as to look as if you do not need your ex. Behave maturely and calmly with your ex so as to retain and build up respect from your ex.

Rekindle that attraction without looking desperate You should also subtly rekindle that attraction that your ex felt for you without looking desperate. So, use that sense of humor that your ex loved or dress in a way loved by your ex without appearing that you are doing it for him/her.

Your ex will not be able to stop himself/herself from falling back in love with you again.

Let other suitors flock towards you You should let your new looks and bubbly attitude charm other suitors so that they flock towards you. Your ex is sure to notice the attention that you seem to be generating and get desperately envious of your rising popularity.

Let your ex miss that physical aspect too If you have a well-toned body then visit any beach or pool frequented by your ex and flaunt that body before your ex as you take a leisurely swim with other friends. Your ex will now boil in the cauldron of desire as he/she will start missing those special nights spent with you.

Have faith in your ex Just as you were suffering after the undo, your ex too might be going through the same feelings. You should thus have faith in your ex since after a few weeks of remaining away from you he/she too would be simply waiting for a chance to get back with you.

A reunion meeting should be arranged to sort out all problems as the above tips would certainly have attracted your ex towards you in an unfailing manner. Your ex would simply be waiting to turn that "I Undo" back into "I Do for life".

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