How to Track a Prank Caller, a Cheating Spouse Or Lost Friend Using Their Phone Number? Don't Miss!

Published: 06th May 2010
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Are you being harassed by a prank caller breathing heavily into the phone or making blank calls at odd hours?

Do you suspect that your spouse has forgotten his/her wedding vows and is going wow over the phone at regular intervals with another person?

Do you have an old number of an old friend but need to find his/her new address and other details?

Then here are 4 ways on how you can get all such details based only on the phone number in your hand.

The 1st way is to use the internet for a quick search from the number that you might have in your phone register.

There are many reverse lookup services that are totally free. Use them to get the name, address and other details of the person making those stalking calls.

If you are unable to get the details through free services then you can also use paid services that might offer an even more detailed search.

Some sites also offer to check for criminal or other personal details in lieu of a small fee.

If you suspect your spouse of exchanging illicit wows against wedding vows then simply go through his/her mobile phone to get the number of the home-wrecker.

Alternatively, there are programs available in the market that can be discreetly loaded on your spouse's cell phone and which can trace each call and SMS. Use it to catch your red-faced spouse red-handed.

Lastly, if you have exhausted all routine methods and are still being harassed then simply visit the nearest police station and hand them the number.

One call or visit from the police should be enough for the caller to vamoose out of your life forever.

These 4 ways can thus help you to locate a lost friend, catch a wayward spouse or even stop a caller from harassing you. Try them and get your life back on track.

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