How to Track a Prank Caller, a Cheating Spouse Or Lost Friend Using Their Phone Number - A Must Read

Published: 11th May 2010
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In the past prank callers, obscene callers and cheating spouses could have their way and harass people for days on end or carry on with their nefarious activities without the fear of getting caught.

But, with technology advancing at an amazing rate, such people now have a reason to fear. These 6 ways will demonstrate as to how you can track such people or even track down a lost friend simply by using their phone number.

1. The quickest way of tracking such a number is by going online to search for a reverse phone tracing service. There are many free services that can give you the name, address, and service provider attached to the mysterious number.

2. If the free reverse phone tracing service cannot throw up the name then you will have to go in for the premium paid services that offers a deeper search. A nominal charge will help you to trace the offending caller, cheating spouse or the location of a lost friend whose only link is his/her phone number.

3. You can trap the prank caller or cheating spouse yourself by calling up the phone number from a pay phone far away from your home or office, while pretending to be a telemarketer.

Tell your prey that you are doing a survey and the prize is in millions. This will enable you to collect all the personal data right from the donkey's mouth on the other end of the line.

4. If you are a professional wrestler or a cop then simply calling the number and letting loose some of the fanciest unmentionable expletives should soon have the person on the other end of the line trembling with apprehension.

5. A cheating spouse can also be caught by discreetly loading software available in many online stores into their mobile phone without their knowledge. From then on their entire call history will be displayed on your computer screen in the form of irrefutable proof.

6. If you are not the threatening type or do not have a web-enabled computer then visiting the right authorities such as the telephone service provider or police would be your best bet.

These 6 ways will help you to get rid of pesky prank callers, catch a cheating spouse or get in touch with a long-lost friend very quickly.

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