How to Trace a Cell Phone Number? Here Are the Secret Tricks Which Work Magically Well

Published: 11th May 2010
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Do you get crank calls in the middle of the night and hear nothing but silly giggling at the other end of the line?

Do you get obscene calls at any time with nothing but heavy breathing on the other side?

Do you have a spouse that uses the cell phone to fix up disreputable dates with other people?

If you are facing any or unluckily all of the above problems and have only a cell phone number to work on then use these 6 ways to solve your problems.

1. You can quickly call back the cell phone number from another phone and in a disguised voice inform the person on the other end that he/she has won a prize in a raffle contest.

The dumb person on the other end will be more than happy to provide you with all details about him or herself.

2. The internet offers a very fast way of tracking wayward numbers. There are sites that offer reverse phone lookup services for free while others take a fee and offer to get you the name and address of the cell phone owner.

3. If you want more details such as a criminal record or arrest warrants issued to the owner of the cell phone then contacting a private detective agency will get you the required details in a few days.

4. Even contacting the cell phone service provider should help you to get the details such as name and current location of the owner.

Having a friend or a family member in such a company will also help you to keep track of that unwelcome person.

5. Contacting the police is also a good idea, especially in calls that involve obscenity, as the person on the other end could be a maniac.

The police can lay a trap on the cell phone number to monitor all calls coming in and going out from that phone.

6. You should contact select companies over the internet that can discreetly load software that will help you monitor each call made from the suspect cell phone number, just by providing them with that cell number.

These 6 ways will help you to bust the mystery of the mystery caller very rapidly.

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