How to Trace a Cell Phone Number - Here is How Private Investigators Do It

Published: 05th May 2010
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Are you being harassed by callers that refuse to identify themselves but yet keep on calling? Are you being bombarded by blank calls?

If so, then maybe it is time to do a little bit of sleuthing to get to the bottom of the matter and maybe spank the bottom of the caller. Here are 4 ways on how to trace a cell phone number.

1-You can get the details of the owner by getting the number from your cell phone call register and then checking it on the online reverse cell phone directory, even if the caller has called from a cell phone.

The chances of locating the owner of that number are quite high and you might have to pay a nominal fee to get access. But there are some sites that offer this service free of charge.

2-If the caller has called from a landline number, then it could be even easier to trace since the city or state code would precede the telephone number. That would narrow down the search considerably.

3-If the caller is calling from an unlisted number and the above methods are unsuccessful in extracting the required data then simply complain to the local authorities such as the police.

Once the caller realizes that you have contacted the authorities, such calls will automatically stop due to fear.

4-If you do not have the patience to do any of the above then simply call back on the same number and point-blank ask the caller about his/her identity and the reason for calling.

If the answers are unsatisfactory then simply let go of the choicest abuses from your verbal arsenal to the caller so that the calls stop instantly.

The above methods can quickly get the caller's details with or without the payment of a small fee. The Internet can be of great help and if it does not yield results then simply contact the local authorities to reach the bottom of the matter and the caller.

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