How to Trace a Cell Phone Number & Find Out Who's Calling - A Sure Shot Trick You Must Know

Published: 11th May 2010
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If all you have on your phone is a cell phone number and you need to trace a prank caller that is giggling at the other end or making weird panting sounds then there are ways to do so. You should use these 6 ways on how to trace a cell phone number and find out as to who's making your life miserable.

The 1st way is to just hook up your computer to the internet and look for sites that can provide you with the required details. These sites use the reverse phone lookup program to quickly locate the person behind those giggly or dirty calls.

The 2nd way is to seek out a friend that might be working in any telephone company. Your friend can use technology and friends in other companies to search for the identity of the caller and also keep an eye on his/her telephonic activities.

The 3rd way would be to enlist the help of any family member that is in the police. Simply re-direct your phone calls to the family member's phone so that any call that the prankster makes goes right to the police phone. Your prank caller will receive the shock of his/her pitiful life when he/she realizes that there is a cop on the other end.

The 4th way would be to get an efficient private detective hot on the prankster tail. It might be a costly way but you will have the entire history of you caller along with the location and pending warrants, if any, and this will help you to prosecute your caller quickly.

The 5th tip would be to fool your prank caller into revealing his/her identity. Simply ask a friend to call up the phone number while pretending to sell something over the phone. This will enable your friend to excavate the caller's name and address quite easily.

The 6th tip would be to call back the number with your own phone and demand to know the identity of the caller. If you call the caller's bluff, he/she might just get frightened into stopping those calls, especially the giggly kind.

These 6 tips will help you to trace a cell phone number and put an end to the incessant calling by any prank caller.

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