How to Trace a Cell Phone Number & Find Out Who's Calling - 4 Stunning Tricks Revealed

Published: 05th May 2010
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There might be various reasons why you might want to find out the person behind a cell phone number.

You could be getting blank or obscene calls or you might have lost your peace of mind due to talkative telemarketers or you might just want to catch a cheating spouse.

Use these 4 ways on how to trace a cell phone number and find out who's calling.

The 1st way to catch a nameless caller is to simply use any of the reverse phone lookup facilities available over the Internet. There are many sites offering such services and while some offer them free of charge others offer much more than a name and number for a small fee.

Another way is to pay back the caller in the same coin. Use a number from a coin box to call up the mysterious number and pretend to be someone else. Try to get friendly with the person on the other end and if possible dig out that person's name and any other detail that you possibly can.

One more way is to use sophisticated software that is also available over the Internet. This software will latch on to the mysterious number and provide you with all details about that cell phone including calls and SMSs made and received and will also help you to overhear an actual call in progress.

The last way is to identify the service provider of that cell phone number. You can contact them and ask them for details and in case they refuse then you can ask the local authorities such as the police to help you do so.

These 4 ways will soon unmask the face behind the irritating or marriage-breaking calls and you will be able to put an end to your anxiety. Use them and block the caller or confront him/her to sort out the matter once and for all.

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