How to Test If Your Spouse Will Cheat on You - The Most Vital Tips You Can't Miss at Any Cost

Published: 14th May 2010
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If you have been together with your spouse for many years there comes a time when you do tend to take each other for granted. If there is a strong foundation that has been built due to the many ups and downs that you have shared together, then your marriage would survive no matter what.

On the other hand, if you find your spouse has become distant and has separated from you and the family to the point that he/she has become morose, too quiet and moody around you, you have to ask yourself the question 'why?' Signs of withdrawal and disinterest in family affairs could be due to the fact that your spouse is bored and frustrated in the present situation he/she finds him/herself in! This could be dangerous as your spouse will be tempted to go out and look for excitement!

Has your spouse shown a lack of sexual interest in you of late? If you have been drifting away from each other in bed, and your spouse has not made any attempt to make love to you - look back and see if you were the cause. Have you let yourself become unattractive and lazy? It could be the reason your spouse has no more desire for you, and will cheat on you with someone younger and more attractive, the moment he/she gets the chance!

A sudden change of behavior on the part of your spouse and obsessive grooming every time he/she leaves the house could be because your spouse is trying to impress somebody!

If you find that you can't get hold of your spouse's cell phone and that he/she is reluctant to let you handle it -he/she is hiding the identity of the person he/she is planning to/having an affair with!

But if your relationship is developing cracks due to suspicion of infidelity, cheating, and fear of your spouse breaking away, then it would benefit you to read the signs and prepare yourself beforehand.

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