How to Test If Your Partner is Loyal Or Not - Do This Before It's Just Too Late For You

Published: 14th May 2010
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Having a wonderful and satisfying marriage can only be possible if both partners are loyal and trustworthy. Living in suspense and not knowing if your partner is being faithful to you can cause you to have an emotional breakdown. There are certain ways to test the loyalty of your partner.

If you suspect your partner has designs on a particular person, then make sure you invite that person to a get-together/party at your place. This will give you an opportunity to watch your partner closely and look for signs that prove that he/she is close to/attracted to that person. If your partner is seen standing /sitting too close to the person, making excuses to touch /dance too often with her/him, or even standing apart from the rest in a corner with the person, would be signs that indicate something beyond a platonic relationship.

Give your partner a chance to flirt with someone who has shown an interest to get closer in the past. If your partner takes the bait and readily flirts with that person then you have the right to doubt him/her. You could intercept flirtatious glances and innuendos, winks and even subtle gestures if you are alert!

Tell your partner that you are going out on the weekend and come back unexpectedly to find out if your partner made hay while the sun shone! A disloyal and cheating partner would most probably bring a lover home, thinking he/she is safe from prying eyes. You could also come back on Monday and check out the sheets and bathrooms - you might find out the truth about your partner.

If your partner readily gives you his/her phone and allows you to read all his/her mails and doesn't change his/her password, it shows that he/she is open and has nothing to hide ( provided he/she does not have another secret phone and email address!).

If you are loyal and honest in your relationship then you could expect your partner to be the same!

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