How to Tell If a Girl is Interested in You! Sure Shot Ways to Read Her Mind Almost Instantly

Published: 18th May 2010
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When a girl is interested in you she will indicate it different ways. The more bold ones will tell you that they find you attractive and are drawn to you, while others with their gestures and looks will send signals that they are interested in you. Here are three tips which will help you know if the girl is really interested in you.

Facial expressions
The way she looks at you will tell you more than you need to know. If a girl is interested in you she will have a coy smile on her face and her eyes will make direct contact with yours. She will look deeply into your eyes and speak to you. If she is some distance from you she will throw a loving glance at you and then her eyes will linger on you for a while before she turns away. When speaking to you she will try her best to prolong the conversation. These signs can be safely interpreted as her interest in you.

Body language
Her body will send signals that you will have to interpret. Her head, eyes, and her gait will tell you if she is comfortable in your company or not. With her hand she will try to touch your arm or her palm will feel warm when she touches you or shakes hand with you. Her talk will be flirtatious and she will use her wit to keep you in good spirits. She will be more attentive to what you say and will show her interest in the conversation even if you happen to saying something that might be mundane or boring. If this is the case then she is interested in you.

Her responses to your advances
If you happen to speak to her for the first time she will show her willingness to converse with you on issues other than what you approached her for. If she is attracted to you she will stand close to you and lend her ears by leaning. When in a group she will make sure that she is the one on your right side and will stay in close proximity. Even if you have to part she will indicate that she wants to see you again and will make sure she calls you. She will also ask for your phone number and will willing give hers. If you observe all these mannerisms in the girl, you are one lucky guy.

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