How to Seduce a Girl - 7 Ultra Effective Ways You Can't Afford to Miss at All

Published: 06th May 2010
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That girl has caught your attention and you're quite desperate to make friends and have her as your girlfriend now onwards. You don't know how to get her attention and neither can you just walk up to her and ask her to be your girlfriend.

There's no need to despair. There are many ways in which you can seduce her to getting attracted to you.

1. Groom yourself smartly and with care. Put on your best clothes. Get the color combination right and see that you have a smart haircut. Your shoes too will carry tales, so see that they're clean and shining.

2. Always wear a smile on your face. Talk and laugh jovially. Be flirtatious as well and let your talk carry humor and lightness in it. Make your conversation lively and interesting. Show that you are a person who loves to have fun.

3. See that you are the center of attraction and attention at all times. Be center stage in all the crowds and at all places. See that your girl is around too. Frequent the places that your girl is at.

4. Once you seem to have captured the attention of your girl then approach her and introduce your self. Use all the tactics possible to be on your best behavior yet be attractive.

5. Pay her all the attention you can by being the chivalrous man around. Pamper her and show her that you could do just about anything that she likes because you're after her.

6. Take interest in her interests and activities and there's nothing like it if both of you have the same interests. That will give you a chance to be together at the same place because you both like the same things.

7. Treat her with care and concern. Respect her wishes and desires and likes and dislikes. When you finally ask her out give her a choice of place and ask her about the kind of food she enjoys.

All this attention will certainly help seduce her.

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