How to Secretly Catch a Cheater - Here Are the Most Effective Sneaky Tricks Which Work

Published: 12th May 2010
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A cheater will do his/her best to stay undetected. He/she will use all kinds of tactics and tell lies to cover his/her tracks. If you have a gnawing suspicion that you are being made a fool of and want to get rid of the feelings of insecurity, anxiety and fear of the future, then make a plan to find out the truth.

If the cheater is doing his/her best to trick you then you too should make sure that your investigations are also being kept under wraps! If your lover has the slightest inclination that you are suspicious, then he/she will be on his/her guard and it will be doubly difficult to catch him/her. Be subtle and discreet and effective!

Use your friends to find out the whereabouts of your lover. More often than ever, they will know where and whom your lover hangs out with most of the time. Pretend that you need to give your lover an urgent message and don't sound desperate or worried. Be calm and matter of fact and your manner will not give you away!

Set traps around the house to catch your lover. Use printed sheets with a picture in a particular direction or note the peculiar position of your pillow on the bed. You can check and see if the sheets were removed and put back and if your pillow is out of place, you have the right to be suspicious!

If you want to be really sly and catch a cheating lover, you can get someone else to call your lover and try to fix up a date. If your lover is planning to be unfaithful, he/she might easily be excited about a secret admirer and want to meet up with that person. This should tell you whether you were right to suspect your lover.

Don't judge your lover till you have the proof that he/she has been cheating on you. Make sure you have visual and concrete proof before you accuse him/her.

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