How to Naturally Increase Your Height Fast! Now You Don't Have to Worry About Your Height Anymore

Published: 23rd May 2010
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Are you afraid of taking pills and going under the surgeon's knife to increase your height? Many natural ways are there by which you can increase your height without risking your health during that process. By simply following the below mentioned tips, you can increase your height naturally.

1- EXERCISES: Running and swimming are two very good exercises for increasing height. Running is good for burning fats and increasing body's metabolism. Swimming is an exceptional exercise that can help stretch entire body without feeling ill-effects of the gravity. It is a common observation that almost all swimmers have good height. However, stretching, cycling, and athletics are also good exercises in this regard.

2- NATURAL FOOD: Always try to have some natural foods. Natural foods are enriched with proteins, carbohydrates and fiber, which are surely helpful to get considerable growth in height. Fruits, vegetables, and dairy products especially milk can help the body to grow taller naturally.
Eating smaller meals with regular intervals too is a source of increasing your digestion and ensuring reach of maximum amount of nutrients to your muscles and bones. Avoiding sugary and fatty food also helps to achieve the desired results.

3- POSTURE: Your sitting, standing and walking postures play a vital role in the growth of height. Try to reduce stress on your spinal column as much as you possibly can. Keep your knees a little higher than your hips, having feet staying flat on the floor. Try to avoid sitting on soft sofas or chairs and if you sit on one, support your lower spine with a small pillow.

Even if you have the right sitting posture, it's also very essential to stand up every hour and stretch for few minutes. Any kind of stretch enables the body to grow taller.

4- SLEEP: Sleeping is also an important feature for increasing your height. Good sleeping is considered to be of 8 hours each night. Make sure that your sleep stays undisturbed as much as possible. Always sleep on a firm mattress and on your back, if possible to keep proper and healthy alignment of your spinal column.

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