How to Make Your Ex Stop Treating You Badly! A Proven Method to Make Them Want You Back!

Published: 26th May 2010
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Does your ex treat you like crap? Are they always mad at you for some reason or another, and blame you for so many things?

It can be extremely hard to get your ex back when they are always lashing out at you, and aren't even giving you a fair chance. But how do you get your ex to actually treat you like you deserve?

Read on to find out how you can make your ex want you back and stop them from treating you badly....

Making your ex FORGET the past

This is the VERY first thing you need to do, and it will be the most difficult. The first step is to admit your guilt to your ex for any wrong doings. This includes apologizing for anything you have done wrong.

This DOES NOT, however, mean that you should sit there begging them to forgive you for everything. Be specific, know exactly where you went wrong and move on from there.

The second step to making your ex forget the past, is to forgive YOURSELF. If you do not forgive yourself, you will always be wanting to talk about it or will bring it up without realizing it in other ways, because you are thinking about it.

Once you forgive yourself, your ex will notice that you are more light hearted, which will in turn be good because the third step is to forgive your ex.

Verbally acknowledge to them that you do forgive them for things, but don't explain the things directly, because this is once again bringing up the past. Instead explain that sometimes you felt hurt by your ex's actions, and tell them that you have forgiven them and have moved on.

Do not expect or ask your ex to forgive you in return.

Preventing your ex from treating you badly

Once you have done the above, a lot of your issues will go away within a short period of time, because you will have tapped into your ex's psychology and will have triggered them to feel a whirlwind of emotions towards you.

The next thing you want to do is literally avoid talking about anything from the past, even if your ex brings it up tell them you have to go. In turn, you should start "moving on" in your life and start doing as many things as you can.

Your ex will notice this and will fear losing you for good, because you do appear to have moved on. Your ex will also inadvertently feel more attracted to you, because you appear to be changing and doing better things, and thus will stop treating you so bad.

In turn, your ex will end up wanting you back, fearing that you will find someone else, and not wanting you to forget them.

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