How to Make Your Ex Return Your Phone Calls - Here Are the Tricks Which Never Fail

Published: 12th April 2010
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If you have had a tiff with your partner and he or she refuses to talk to you, then this could be an agonizing time for both of you. You should not rush into any desperate situation but instead handle things with great patience and care. Here are 3 tips that can compel your ex to return your phone calls.

Tip 1 - Leave a general message. After allowing some time for frayed tempers to cool down from both ends, you can just leave a general message on your ex's phone. Do not babble around that you miss him or her and want to get back together since this will only end up frightening your ex. Instead, only leave a message that you want to talk about any general topic other than your relationship. Once you get the communication gates opened, then you can proceed to serious talk after a few calls.

Tip 2 - Let your child leave a message. Although this seems a little selfish, you can ask your children, in case you have any, to call up their dad or mom and leave a message that they want to talk. You can use this occasion to chat with your ex and inform him or her of any activity that the child might have done in the recent past.

Tip 3 - Use technology. If your ex refuses to pick up the mobile, then leave a SMS or MMS message on his or her mobile. Keep the message short and do not plead in that message or even when he or she calls back. Talk calmly and rationally. You can also email your ex with a short mail that only provides enough detail to arouse his or her curiosity.

These 3 tips are sure to work and once your ex does call you back, then you should take it slowly instead of jumping on to the pleading routine on the first call itself. Talk about everything except your break up during the first few calls and then slowly proceed towards a patch-up once you receive the right signals.

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