How to Make Your Ex Forgive You For Your Mistakes! You Will Feel Better Once You Use This Trick!

Published: 27th May 2010
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Do you want your ex to forgive you for a terrible mistake? Have you done something which caused the breakup, and you want your ex to forgive you for it? Do you feel regret every single day, because you made too many mistakes in the relationship?

You see, if you want your ex to forgive you for your mistakes, you need to use this trick:

Step #1: Get an attitude check

A lot of people, when rejected, will start acting this way:
o They argue with their ex and get mad at him/her for breaking up with them...

o They will feel as if their ex is making a huge mistake one minute, but will beg and plead with them to come back the next...

o They will expect their ex to take them back as they are, even though their ex has clearly expressed that they don't like certain things they do....

So you see, if you are acting this way and are desperate, negative, depressed, or to needy around your ex he/she will not forgive you, and you will actually end up pushing your ex away.

Thus, you need to get an attitude check if you want your ex to forgive you for your mistakes, because when you argue with your ex, or act as if THEY were the one who made the mistake of breaking up with you, you tell them that you think you were right and that you aren't sorry....which leads me to my next point....

Step #2: Admit the mistakes clearly

A lot of people make the next mistake of simply saying sorry for everything, without clearly stating what it is that they are actually sorry for. This will make your ex think that you are simply saying sorry just to try and fool them into taking you back, which makes your ex further upset with you.

Instead, you should admit exactly where you went wrong, and you should also work to understand specifically where each thing hurt your ex and what damage it did. Once you do this, your ex will feel understood and this will make them want to forgive you.

Step #3: Change

This is the hardest step, and most people never use it, because they never take action. However, if you truly want your ex to forgive you, you first need to show them that you have changed, rather than just saying you have.

If you aren't sure where to start, or what to change, then all you need to do is look back at the arguments you had with your ex, and you will see the areas your ex was asking you to change in.

Do this, and it's guaranteed that you will make your ex forgive you, and you will feel a whole lot better!

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