How to Make Your Ex Easily Crawl Back to You! This Works When Everything Seems Hopeless

Published: 14th May 2010
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Spending sleepless nights and wallowing in self pity is not the way to carry on after the split! Why let your ex get the better of you? If you have wasted enough time regretting the circumstances that led to the breakup, do something to break out of this rut! Don't surrender to misery another day. Find out today how you can get your ex to crawl back to you!

Prove your ex wrong!
Your ex has probably seen you moping around looking like the world has come to an end ever since the breakup. Shake yourself loose from this attitude of a loser and start proving to your ex and the world that you are an overcomer! Focus your mind on positive feelings and gear up to really enjoy yourself!

Become a new creation!
Arm yourself with weapons like stylish clothes, great body and exquisite makeup! Your ex will not know what hit him/her when he/she claps his/her eyes on you! Looking like a million dollars will make anybody sit up and take notice of you! When your ex sees you looking so stunning he/she will have second thoughts about the split!

Invoke jealousy.
Making your ex jealous should be easy with you looking so good! When your ex realizes that you will have no problem getting dates and being so popular looking the way you do now, he/she is bound to be jealous that he/she is out of the picture, and will want to have a piece of the action!

Be soft, caring and forgiving!
Having a soft and sensitive, loving and forgiving nature can only bring you benefits and give you an advantage. Old feelings of bitterness and anger will melt away and your ex will want to kiss and make up before too long! Don't bring up the past anymore and make sure you start afresh! This type of attitude will prove to be a strong foundation for the future.

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