How to Make Your Ex Desire You Again - They Will Have No Idea Why They Can't Resist You

Published: 30th March 2010
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A breakup might have been initiated by a single fight, or through differences that have been simmering for some time. Whatever the reason, once your are sure that you prefer to have her back, with or without the differences, there should be a second wooing. This is best accomplished by making oneself increasingly desirable to the ex.

The first rule here is to go in for an overall personality development. You surely have some qualities that made you appealing to her, though probably not all qualities that make people attractive. An athletic body, good education, good presentation skills, a good job etc. are some of the many things that make people desirable. No one can acquire all these overnight but try you see which are the arenas where you lack more. Try to make up the deficiencies there. For example, if she values education, you don't have to get a degree before trying to woo her back. Just let her know that you have joined a course, or are planning to enroll in a college.

There is no need to let her into the secret that you are desperate for her, at least in the beginning. This could, at times, be counterproductive. Go ahead with the personality development suggested above and try to sense through someone whether it has any positive effect on her. As you become more socially confident and successful, you will be able to give and get better feelers from her on how to try to make up.

Try to remove the external factors like family or friends that might have had a catalytic effect in causing the split. Then, if there were no common interests while the relationship lasted, try to develop them. Let her know that you are cultivating these interests so that there will be shared passions if you rebuild the relationship. The cumulative action of all these would surely make you more endearing to her.

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