How to Make Your Ex Desire You Again - Here Are the Most Effective Tricks You Shouldn't Miss

Published: 28th April 2010
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If your ex has fallen out of love with you and has broken up with you, then you need to work towards making your ex desire you again, if you truly want to get together again. Read and make use of these 3 tips on how to make your ex desire you again....

Tip 1 - Examine the reasons why your ex fell out of desire in the first place. You will need to calmly sit down and think as to why your ex lost his/her desire in you. Was it because you started nagging about something or worse, about everything? Was it that you have ignored your body and turned into a couch potato or was it because you had shut down all communication lines before the breakup. Analyze these points and prepare to act on them if you want to get back to your ex.

Tip 2 - Indicate to your ex that you have started to change. Once your inner search is complete, then indicate to your ex that you are taking positive action to change. Join a gym to change from a couch potato to a hot potato, attend anger-management classes along with yoga classes to get your mind to calm down and go in for a fresh new look to indicate positive physical change. Your ex is sure to notice your efforts and one look at the new you will invoke feelings of desire.

Tip 3 - Woo your ex back into your life in style. Once your ex gets impressed with your efforts, then turn on the tap by wooing him/her back again in style. Get out those flowers, candies, jewelry or any other thing that might have worked the first time and shower your ex with all of these gifts along with your love. Pretty soon, your ex's anger will melt down and turn back into the desire that was felt when he/she first saw you.

These 3 tips are sure to puncture your ex's resentment and once he/she observes your efforts and diligence along with your improved looks and attitude, he/she is sure to desire you again.

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