How to Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You Real Fast? Mind Blowing Keys Which Work Stunningly Well

Published: 20th May 2010
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Your relationship has come and gone but you still want him back. But you loved each other before and it is not impossible that you will love each other again. This means it is feasible to bring him back in your life no matter what the stage of relationship is. This can be done if you do the right things at the right time. Below are some of the things to make him crawl back into your loving arms.

Reflect on your relationship - Do this without asking him what went wrong. Try to recall the things he used to complain about you. Of course, focus on the reasonable complains that he makes about you. Try to improve yourself by addressing these complains.

Use your past to your advantage - You know what he likes to do and you know where he hangs out. This means you know the things you should do to make him happy and you also know the things that you should not do.

Manipulate circumstances to keep him reminded of you - This strategy requires a good sense of timing. Make sure that you do not sound so pushy and irritating. You can suggest the activity that you always do together every time your group where he is also involved is planning for an activity. If the group agrees to do the activity, you get to enjoy it with him. If the group declined your suggestion, it is okay because by suggesting the activity, you are actually reminding him about how nice it was when you did it together before.

Love yourself - Be the person he fell in love with. Remember that he was once attracted to you because he felt good with you, and you were fulfilling his emotional needs. However, do not make him feel you will only try to look beautiful just because of him. Remember, you are free to flirt on others and doing so might trigger his pride. Thus, the sense of jealousy that he will feel will make him realize that he wanted you more than anyone else.

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