How to Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You Instantly - Make Them Chase You Around Like Crazy

Published: 28th April 2010
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If you just cannot bear to be away from your ex and want him/her to crawl back to you instantly then here are 3 tips that will make your ex crawl back to you before you can say 'ex'....

Tip No.1 - Agitate your ex's jealous cells. You could start flirting while you are in direct vision of your ex. This is sure to agitate your ex's jealous cells and force him/her into thinking or acting out of a fear that he/she might lose you to another person soon. This move requires perfect timing and you will also need to keep control over your flirtatious moves if you do not want to your new date to think that you are serious about him/her.

Tip No.2 - Improve your looks and develop an attitude. Get a fresh new look, adorn yourself in classy clothes and don a snooty attitude to present a new you in front of your ex. Enjoy the adulation that you get from your new look even as you act a little aloof with your ex. Your ex will be impressed with your new look and will take up the challenge of winning you back once you start indicating that you might not be available for him/her. This reverse psychology can work wonders instantly.

Tip No.3 - Make your ex feel guilty. If there had been mistakes committed from your end then apologize publicly to your ex. While this might hurt your ego, it will also put the ball in your ex's court and he/she might fear the fact that others who have witnessed the apology might speak ill of your ex if he/she does not reciprocate in the same manner. This move too will force your ex to respond immediately and will result in instant forgiveness from both sides.

So, use these 3 tips and watch your ex crawl back sheepishly back into your life. Do not wait for to long to implement them but use them within a couple of weeks after your breakup for best and instant results.

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