How to Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You - Make Your Ex Chase You Around Like Crazy

Published: 23rd April 2010
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If you have broken up with your ex, then what better way to get back with him or her than to observe him or her crawling back to you? Well, here are 3 tips that require you to put them in action and then patiently wait for your ex to crawl back into your life....

Tip # 1 - Show your ex what he or she has missed out on. Go in for an entire new look, not only physically but mentally as well. Visit a spa to open up those pores, get a smart new haircut, slip into fashionable clothes and wear a confident new attitude to shock your ex. Your ex might take one look at you and realize that he or she has certainly made a grave error by breaking up with you.

Tip # 2 - Show your ex that you are moving ahead in life. Show your ex that your life has not come to a standstill due to the breakup. Take up a job or start mingling with old friends to restore and present a sight of normalcy to your ex. This might force your ex to think that you might just continue your life without him or her and compel him or her to come crawling back to you again.

Tip # 3 - Make your ex burn with jealousy. This is a tricky way to get your ex back. Hence instead of flirting with a total stranger, just act out a little skit with an old friend to make your ex burn with jealousy. This act can later be explained to your ex after he or she comes crawling back into your arms. Although, this method requires a lot of care if you do not want an adverse reaction from your ex and turn him or her into a permanent ex.

All you need to do is to simply implement these 3 tips and then sit back and watch a shocked and awed ex crawl back to you.

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