How to Make Your Ex Answer Your Phone Calls - Here is the Secret No One Will Ever Tell You

Published: 30th March 2010
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Slamming the phone down when he or she hears your voice is the first reaction of an angry ex. And if there is caller id, all the easier. The phone is never picked up.

Those who are trying to woo back an ex need not worry if the call is unanswered. After all, it is a normal reaction from someone who wants to pull away from a relationship. When a call is not answered, leave a message. The message need not be in a groveling, pleading tone, burdening the words with your desperation. Make it some sort of a gesture of appreciation, thanking for something that he/she did when you were together.

Even with an appropriately worded message, do not expect an immediate return call. There has got to be many messages before you can expect an ex to respond. Try to make each message more interesting than the other. If phone messages do not work, send an email, or write a letter, asking her to call. These forms of communication help in explaining the situation better.

Give a time and place where you propose to call and ask her to be there. Many are embarrassed to fight and clear the issue in front of family members or colleagues. Even those who have an interest in responding positively might be too proud to make the reconciliation moves in front of others.

You can ask a common friend to help. Call from the friend's phone so that the call will not go unanswered on the basis of caller id. And when it is picked up, do not be the first to speak. The phone would be slammed down when she hears your voice. Further, it could exacerbate the bad situation as she would feel that you had used the friend's phone to trick her into picking it up. Let the friend talk first and request her to talk to you at least once. It could work.

If you repeatedly try either of these methods, sooner or later your call would be answered.

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