How to Make My Ex Fall in Love With Me Again? 7 Brilliant Ways You Can't Miss

Published: 06th May 2010
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The feelings one has for one's ex does not die just because of a breakup but your heart bleeds all the same and it makes you wonder how you can make your ex fall in love with you again.

Here is how it can happen.

1. Show your ex your new stunning look. Go to the gym to get back into shape and form. Indulge in a new wardrobe and look your best at all times. Never take for granted your looks and presentation. See that you always take care.

2. Take up the kind of activities and hobbies that your ex is fond of and then be seen around in those places so you can be with your ex. Your ex is sure to notice this change in you especially if you had never done these things.

3. Become the outdoor person your ex is and be seen around more often among those common friends who will tell your ex about the change they are seeing in you. Your ex is certain to be attracted by all this change that they see in the new you.

4. Develop your cuisine tastes to match those of your ex's tastes. Let your ex see that you are indulging in these new tastes. The reason will naturally get conveyed to your ex.

5. Dress the way your ex would ask you to or in similar style that your ex would admire someone else about. If your ex loves bright and bold colors then do make some effort to wear those even if it goes a little against your choice of colors.

6. May be over the years or span of time you have become snappy and intolerant of certain habits and mannerisms of your ex. Show more tolerance and consideration for those things.

7. All in all make every effort whatsoever to indulge in the things and activities that are favorites with your ex.

When your ex sees all these changes they are bound to fall in love with you again. From there on, tread carefully to avoid another breakup.

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