How to Make My Ex Fall Back in Love With Me? Here is a Miracle Method Which Always Work

Published: 30th April 2010
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If your ex has broken up with you then obviously he/she has fallen out of love from you temporarily. Before that turns into a permanent situation, you will need to make your ex fall right back in love with you. Here is how to do it with these 10 tips....

1-You should try to reinvent your looks so as to take it many notches higher. Get an expert to help you dress, look and act like a Greek God or Goddess. Your ex will start worshipping you the minute he/she lays eyes on you.

2-Remove all your bad habits, that were the bane of your previous relationship. Your ex will certainly approve and fall right back in love with you.

3-Remind your ex why he/she had fallen for you hook, line and sinker for you. Appeal to the mental aspect along with the physical aspect to impress your ex again.

4-Remind your ex through common friends that you are rejecting possible suitors in the hope that he/she will act to win you back again. This peppy attitude will impress you ex.

5-When talking formally at a party, simply touch his/her hand for a lingering moment and then shyly withdraw.

6-You can call up your ex for any help that you might need. This will make you both team up again to solve any problem.

7-Try to dissuade any possible suitors from latching on to your ex. Your fiery attitude might just impress your ex.

8-Do not be available 24/7 at the beck and call of your ex. Instead make it 7 minutes out 24 hours so that your ex wishes that he/she could get more.

9-Have you tried saying sorry for your side of errors made during the past? Your ex will love your humility and all anger will simply turn into love.

10-Lastly, try taking the initiative in solving each problem that had embedded itself into your relationship and start afresh. This positive attitude is sure to be appreciated by your ex in the form of love.

So, simply put these 10 tips to good use and watch your ex get hooked up back with you in no time.

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