How to Make My EX Desire Me Again? Here is the Secret to Pulling Your Ex Back Fast

Published: 24th May 2010
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You've gone separate ways. Your ex obviously lost interest in you. You're furious but there is really no use being angry. What you need are tricks to regain that desire back. Here are four fool-proof tricks to make your ex desire you again.

Give it time: Attracting your ex back won't definitely happen overnight, so the best thing for you to do is be patient and use this waiting period to make yourself physically desirable. This is the time to lose the flab and be fab again. And while you're at it, make use of this time to improve your self confidence and your general self-worth which was probably nil when he left you.

Play the jealousy game: Now that you're all groomed up and looking oh so fabulous again, make him jealous. By nature, men and women are jealous beings. Find his insecurities and prey on it. He's insecure about his abs, look for a hot date with six-pack abs. He's insecure about his height, date a basketball player. That shouldn't be too hard. Once you find their insecurity, then it's time to use that to your advantage. This will send him into a fit of jealousy and will definitely trigger something in him that will make him beg you to come back.

Be unavailable: Being always there will only make him run away from you. Why not play the cat and mouse chase? Show him that you're not affected by the breakup. This will intrigue him to the core and might piss him off in the process. Men like the chase so make him chase you.

Relax: Don't think about your ex too much. Again, use this time to better yourself and when the time comes that your paths cross, he'll definitely notice the difference and will find himself not able to resist you.

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