How to Make My Ex Desire Me Again - This Will Magically Make Them Crawl Back to You Real Fast

Published: 12th April 2010
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If you have broken up with your ex but cannot get over the split, then you will need to put in some extra verve into your actions to get your ex back into your life. These 3 tips can make your ex pant like a teenager about to go on a first date......

Tip 1 - Get yourself overhauled. No, we are not talking about getting an enema done, although that might just help in clearing your complexion. A visit to your favorite beauty salon with a radical change in your hairstyle or make-up would certainly enable your other half to see you in a different light. If you are a man, you could spruce yourself and become more attractive to your ex.

Tip 2 - Get Flirty. This is one move that could work wonders but also has the potential to back-fire if your ex too decides to adopt it. By flirting with other partners, you could get your ex a little hot under the collar and would indicate that he or she still has feelings for you. However, stay within limits if you want to get back with your ex. Play hard to get but do not get lost in this exercise.

Tip 3 - Indicate willingness to change. If there are certain aspects that bothered your ex during your relationship, then you can subtly indicate to your ex that you are willing to change for the better. This will make your ex appreciate your actions and awaken his or her desire for you again.

These 3 tips are sure to literally change you into a better person and if your ex can recognize and appreciate that fact, then he or she is sure to get engulfed in the desire to get you back into the relationship. If your ex truly desires you, then most probably, he or she might be doing the same to get your attention.

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