How to Make Any Girl Want You! Earth Shattering Tricks You Don't Want to Miss at Any Cost

Published: 18th May 2010
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You could desperately wish that the girl that you like also wants you as much as you want her.

While you cannot force your wishes upon the girl, you can certainly use these helpful tips that can make any girl want you.

Be comfortable in your own skin. However, make sure that this skin is well scrubbed and smells heavenly. The same goes for your clothes and your hair. Instead of trying to alter your looks to pretend to be someone that you are not, make efforts to improve your looks and attitude so that you feel mentally and physically comfortable and also make those around you feel relaxed. This will attract any girl towards you instead of turning you into someone that you are not and repelling them within a short time.

Act like a gentleman. Make sure that you act like a gentleman whilst in the company of all girls including the one that you have set your heart on. Inject in right doses of humor, chivalry and sensitivity to activate her mental and physical senses. Do not try to act tough if you are not since you might only end up with a damaged nose and deflated ego. Girls love guys that are sensitive to their needs and who listen to their point of view. Do not simply go on and on about your own life but instead make it a point to learn more about her too.

Act on all that information. Do not simply sit on that gold-mine of information that you have collected from that special girl. If the girl indicates that she loves roses then make sure that you surprise her with a bouquet. If she loves gifts then give her those gifts provided you can afford them. If she loves only Bentley or Porsche cars then search for a new girl. Anyway, once you know her likes then you can easily surprise her and it is this thoughtfulness that will create feelings of desire towards you within her heart.

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