How to Make Any Girl Crave You - 3 Tips Guaranteed to Make You a Star Among Girls

Published: 22nd April 2010
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The secret in starting a long lasting relationship is to ensure that although you might crave for a girl, she too should incessantly crave for you. This will require tactful moves that can not only keep the flame alive but also ensure that it burns brighter every night of your relationship. Here are 3 keys that could make any girl crave for you....

Key # 1 - Go all out but restrain yourself. This might sound confusing but in essence it simply means that you should go all out on wooing your lady love. These means chocolates, movies, candle-light dinners, basically the works, but from your side, reveal your personality in small installments. Let the girl see a new side of you at regular intervals. This will keep the mystery alive and keep her craving for more.

Key # 2 - Play hard to get. Do not succumb to every wish of your girl, but instead play a little hard to get to remain challenging to your girlfriend. This will keep the interest alive. Remember, that if you play too hard to get, you might just lose her, so play within limits. A little bit of light flirting might also give your girl the jitters of jealousy and make her crave you even more.

Key # 3 - Satisfy her needs. This does not imply only to her physical needs but in addition you should also master the art of keeping her mentally stimulated as well. The physical aspect might wear out after a while but if you truly manage to give her mental nirvana, then she will definitely crave for more. You should satisfy her needs but promise her in your words and actions that there are more and better things to come.

These 3 keys will keep any girl on alert mode and will make her crave for you. If you play your moves correctly then you could enjoy the fruits of those cravings for a very long time.

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