How to Make Any Girl Chase You Around Like Crazy - Trust Me! You Don't Want to Miss This at Any Cost

Published: 05th May 2010
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It's a common wish in every boy's life that a particular girl he likes or dreams about frequently would be the one chasing him around.

Especially those boys who are too shy to ask for a first or follow up date, they would give anything to see that ideal girl pushing any barrier between them and doing the chasing herself. It is indeed possible and easy even to achieve such a feat despite recurrent financial or social problems.

The first thing that such a man or even a boy should do is to ensure that he always wears extremely neat clothes. Putting the utmost care in the personal image, especially when one is going out, makes up for much in female psychology. One doesn't have to star as the most handsome guy in and around town but what is important is matching the looks with the personality such as using a distinct after shave or discreet perfume.

Secondly, a man must be very careful before saying anything. Whatever the kind of girl you are intimately interested in, a general truth remains that all girls adore compliments. So flatter them to the max without resulting to a bitchy language or even a vulgar behavior. Always endeavor to impress a girl among acquaintances by conversing about her star qualities or what she likes a lot.

Thirdly a guy must never be afraid when asking for what he wants. Whether a date or lay, a man not intimidated by the prospect of asking for it earns bonus points. Although remaining polite, nice and casual, a real man must always show guts and it's only the bold who wins in this game.

Finally, every man must know that girls like what borders on the mischievous. Being unique and out of the ordinary helps especially if a girls feels that you are hard to get. She will follow you around only if she feels that if she fails to do so, then she will lose you to another.

Now listen carefully-

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