How to Make Acne Vanish Extremely Fast - 4 Miracle Cures Which Work Like Absolute Magic

Published: 29th April 2010
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The initial on coming of acne is one at a time. So, if this happens you know it's time to 'nip the problem in the bud itself'. And definitely no picking acne as that will result in the appearance of more acne. Although making acne vanish overnight is nothing short of a miracle; but imminently possible....

Use of essential oils-

Oils like lavender oil, clove oil and tea tree oil are some of the oils which help. But these have to be diluted with grape seed oil before applying on the acne. Rose water and ice water are very soothing applications. They act as coolants for the acne which are a result of oils and toxins in the body.

Diet and exercise-

There's nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of water. These keep the toxins at a minimum while flushing them out. Avoiding fried foods is important. Exercise further helps flush the toxins through the pores. Applications of fresh mint juice, raw papaya juice, and even ripe tomato pulp is effective.

Herbs and spices-

A paste of honey and cinnamon powder, and a paste of black cumin seed powder are some herbs that are effective remedies. A mix of pomegranate powder with fresh lime, or a blend of sandalwood with turmeric powder, and a paste of neem powder are easy kitchen remedies. Turmeric with mint juice is another.

Other liquid mixes and blends-

Nutmeg powder mixed with fresh milk or a blend of equal quantities of cinnamon powder and lemon juice are easy remedies. Groundnut oil and lemon juice mixed together is another remedy. Some others are boiled milk and lime juice, or equal quantities of rose water with lemon juice.

Toothpaste or freshly cut clove of garlic applications left overnight on the face are some very good remedies too. However, you must give diet and exercise as much importance.

Remember to cut down on edible oils as far as possible or use sparingly.

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