How to Make Acne Disappear Overnight - Here is the Ultimate Answer to All Your Frustrations

Published: 13th April 2010
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You might be feeling sad at the appearance of these pimples on your face and must be thinking of means to remove them as fast as possible. There is no way that you can attend parties or go out with your friends with these red colored boils on your face. You are not alone and there are many teenagers who face this problem that occurs when excessive flow of hormones causes the glands of your skin to excrete more than the requisite amount of oil. The oil so released mixes up with the dead skin and blocks the pores of your skin, thereby denying it to breathe.

This also results in infections occurring on the surface of your skin that are commonly known as acne or pimples. You might have thought of squeezing these red boils and removing the pus in them, but this will lead to more inflammation and scar marks that will prove hard to remove. There are some easier ways out....

Hemorrhoid ointment and ice: Rub some ice cubes on the surface of your skin before going to bed. This helps to tighten up the pores of the skin, thereby denying the dead skin from entering into the pores of the skin. You will see that the swelling has subsidized by the morning. Applying hemorrhoid cream helps too.

Nutmeg to the rescue: Make a paste of ground nutmeg and milk and apply them on the affected areas. You will be amazed to see how fast they help to remove the pimples. This is a herbal remedy that has been tried and tested for ages and is extremely effective.

Keep your skin oil-free: Pimples are caused due to excessive surfacial oil on the skin. Hence using a soft soap (baby soaps are the best) to wash your face followed up my rinsing it with lukewarm water helps.

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