How to Make a Woman Want You? A Trick Which Will Have Her Emotionally and Physically Desiring You!

Published: 26th May 2010
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If you want a woman to want you, then you need to target her emotional side first, as women are emotionally driven when it comes to attraction. From there, you can then work on the physical aspect, but she won't ever feel turned on, unless you can emotionally grab her first.

Read on to find out how to make her want you both physically and emotionally...

The Indian giver trick

Ever heard of an Indian giver? They are people who give something, but then take it back. This will annoy ANYONE who encounters it, especially if it's a promise, or something serious.

However, with women, you can play hard to get by being an Indian giver. The reason you want to be an Indian giver is because any time that you do not, she will feel you are just acting too easy and in return she will not feel enticed.

To effectively pull this trick off, you can get a bit playful with her, by complimenting her but then retracting it by suggesting that she is below your standards elsewhere.

Here are a few great examples of it's use:

Complimenting something directly related to her physicality, and retracting it:

Example #1: "I love the way your eyes look, but I don't like when you are staring at me constantly. It's creepy, and I don't like the way you are trying to get into my pants"

Complimenting something related to her actions and retracting it

Example #2: "I can't get over the way you are thinking about buying me a drink. While I'm flattered that you want to buy me a drink, I'm scared you will try and get me drunk to get into my pants..."

How the trick works on her psychology...

What this trick will do, is it will emotionally entice her to respond to you, because you will confuse her. Since you are not directly giving her 100% of your attention, and are not directly telling her exactly what it is that you want, she will immediately feel sparked to know what you are all about.

This will in turn physically set her off, because she will emotionally be curious and challenged by your approach, and she will physically feel attracted to you, because you are showing yourself to be confident and to have high standards.

Since women love men who present themselves with standards, especially if he suggests she is not quite meeting his standards, you will instantly win her over and have her seeking your approval so that she can prove she is the kind of woman you should want.

What will happen as a result is she will be trying to see if you really are a guy who just wants to get into her pants, or if you are a man who wants more than this. You will find her testing you after this and you will also find her glued to you.

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