How to Make a Woman Think About You All the Time! 7 Magical Keys Most Men Aren't Even Aware Of

Published: 27th May 2010
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The best way to get a woman really into you is by making sure that she thinks about you all the time. But this is easier said than done as you are not going to be around at all time to ensure this. So what are the things that you can do that will make a woman think of you even when you are not there?

Retain the power
The first step to doing so is by keeping the balance of power. There is a fine balance of power that decides who calls the shots in a relationship. Once you let that power go, you don't remain the chooser anymore. Exuding the feeling that you are the one who has chosen the woman and not the other way around makes sure that she thinks of you at all times.

Be unpredictable
Most men can be quite predictable. Women know how and when men are going to react in the manner that they do. This can become quite boring. In order to keep her interest levels high, don't divulge all that you have to her in one go. Keep the air of mystery alive and follow that up with unpredictability. Don't follow the dinner and movies routine always. Dare to be different and you'll have her thinking of you at all times.

Be respectful
Women like to be around men who are respectful not just of them but of people around them. There are very few men like this today and this is one quality that keeps women hooked onto the men they are with.

Give space
Don't hang around her all the time. Give her some space to miss you as well. When you are away for a period of time she will begin to think of you a lot more than if you hang out with her every minute of the day. This space is very important to build and retain attraction.

Demarcate your time
Don't hesitate to be a little selfish and clearly demarcate the need for your alone time. This time is your time alone and you can choose to do whatever you want to do in this time. Obviously, infidelity does not fall as an activity that you do in this time.

Make her work for your approval
Don't agree with everything that a woman has to say. Make her feel as if she has to earn your approval. This also helps is retaining the balance of power and helps in building attraction in women. Strangely enough, you will find her working harder and to get your approval when you are sparing with it. This way you will also be making her think of you at all times.

Be in demand
Give her some reason to be insecure about. Be loyal and faithful but make sure that you get seen as the guy who is "in demand". This way she will never take you for granted as she will know that she has competition to fight with!

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