How to Make a Girl Choose You Over Other Guys! Perfect Ways to Deal With Competition From Other Men

Published: 27th May 2010
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How would you like to have an edge above other males in the dating game? One of the major fears a lot of men tend to have is the fear that some other guy is better than me. In fact! A lot of average guys tend to fear good looking men simply due to the fact that they are good looking.

They fear that they might never get the girl they desire simply because they lack good looks and it might work as a huge drawback. But do you know that looks don't count that much when it comes to the game of attraction?

Read on to discover what I mean here and learn how to make a girl choose you over other guys...

Be the guy who doesn't put the girl on a pedestal for being good looking...

The very first key you must strongly follow is to stop treating girls extra nice only because they are good looking. Most guys out there tend to give girls with good looks extra marks only because they are good looking.

But if you can be the guy who isn't easily impressed just by good looks...You will end up being that unique being girls would want to date. Therefore make it a point not to treat girls extra nice only because they are good looking.

Reject pretty girls...

Now you might be thinking...How can I reject a pretty girl? And what if she rejects me first?

Humans want the things they can't easily have and people hate to get rejected specially good looking girls who aren't used to facing rejection. But again the question is how will you do it? Well here is an example...While talking to a girl drop in the following line-

You are real pretty no doubt...But I don't think you are my type...I mean you seem like too much of a good girl to me.

And this is where you have rejected her successfully.

By doing this not only did you become a unique guy in her eyes but now she will choose you over other guys because other guys give her easy approval and no one has the guts to reject her.

But you are the guy who is too hard to get for her and she would have to work extra hard to earn your attention. As long as you act this way...Girls will always give you a higher priority in comparison to other guys.

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