How to Make a Girl Chase You? Here is Your Ultimate Golden Ticket to Popularity Among Girls

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Men have always been the ones who chase women and women love it you see. But how about making a woman chase you?

It might sound absurd but it happens. Women can be compelled to chase men. But before compelling her, you must know her perspective and have some knowledge about the like and dislikes of women. They are more emotional than men and have a different outlook altogether. Women are less concerned about looks and style as they concentrate on the emotions and the words spoken by woman. That has to be killing.

Look at these 3 potential ways to make women chase you like crazy...

Your Personality-

Women have a great liking towards the personality of men rather than their looks and other such factors. Your personality includes your looks, how you groom yourself, the way you talk, your approach and everything that is relate to you. As I said, good looks are not really the top priority for women; it's rather the overall package that matters.

Know Your Worth-

You should never display all your cards on the table. Try to be secretive at times to impress your woman. Women are attracted to those men who are worth something and not just the easy gong ones. So set a standard for yourself and don't go beyond that. She'll have no other choice but to chase you once she knows your worth.

Ignore Her Sometimes-

Yes, this is a must. Instead of attending her all the time, try ignoring her sometimes as well. This will make her inquisitive and would also coerce her to chase you like crazy. Try avoiding her calls sometimes; either you don't pick up the phone or you simply allow the phone to keep ringing. Don't answer. Don't meet her for a week or so and make no contacts. You'll see that she is the one trying to establish contacts with you ll over again.

That's what you want!!!

Now listen carefully-

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