How to Make a Girl Chase You Around Like Crazy - She Will Not Be Able to Resist You After This

Published: 28th April 2010
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If you truly want a girl to chase you around then you need to create an impression that you are truly worth being chased around in the first place. Memorize these 3 tips on how to make a girl chase you around....

Tip #1 - Create a halo around you. You need to create an image of ultimate coolness. You can achieve this by dressing in the latest clothes, acting cool and generally looking desirable to girls. If you are rich then flaunt it, if you have a six pack body, then let girls have a small peep at those bulging muscles. A girl needs to be motivated to chase you around so motivate her accordingly.

Tip #2 - Attitude, attitude. You should act a little aloof with the girl but at the same time also indicate that you could be interested in her. Let her realize that she might need to work hard to get your approval. If there are other girls chasing you then all the more better. The right attitude that makes you look cool, aloof and mysterious will arouse the girl's curiosity and compel her to chase you in a bid to know you better and keep ahead of the competition.

Tip #3 - Act busy. No girl will chase you if you are always hanging out at the mall 24/7. Instead, act busy and indicate that you only have a little time to meet with the girl. This will make the girl anticipate those special moments when you might be able to meet her and this will amplify her feelings. You should also send out mixed signals to the girl instead of just blurting out your feelings. This will make her try doubly hard even as she tries to pry out your thoughts.

These 3 tips will enhance your reputation and when combined with the right attitude will force the girl into action and she will start chasing you in a bid to win your love and approval.

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