How to Make a Girl Chase You Around Like Crazy - Here is Something Which Works Amazingly Well

Published: 28th April 2010
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Guys, if you are having problems in making any girl chase you then obviously you are going wrong somewhere. If you are chasing them then stop it immediately and follow these 3 tips to make a girl chase you around like crazy...

Tip #1 - Build up your cool reputation. This move requires several smaller moves like dressing smartly, smelling good, and loading up with the right accessories. While this will at least make a girl look at you, a further display of any special skill such as singing or strumming any instrument will turn you into an instant hit with the girls including the girl of your choice. A niche skill is mandatory if you want to rise above the crowd. But remember, blowing peas through your nose does not count.

Tip #2 - Give the girl 'the look'. Your special girl will need to know that you are interested in her. Do not go chasing after her but instead give her 'the look'. This is a look that lingers on her face for a few seconds before moving on. Do not stare at her or run your eyes up and down her body unless you want all her four fingers and thumb print tattooed across your cheek. Keep it casual but sensuous.

Tip #3 - Treat your girl in a special way. Once you do have the attention of many girls including your special girl then make sure that you treat your girl in a special way. Remember her likes and dislikes and give gifts to her accordingly. This will make her feel exclusive and once she gets used to this royal treatment, she is sure to clamber for more. Mix this royal treatment with a little aloofness so as to keep her intrigued by you. This will make her chase you ever more than before.

Use these 3 tips and watch your girl chase you like a hungry lioness hunting its prey. Maintain your cool reputation and simply sit back and enjoy being chased by the girl of your dreams.

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