How to Make a Girl Chase You - Be the Guy Every Girl Desperately Wants to Be With

Published: 14th May 2010
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Every guy dreams that one day girls would chase him. However, most of the guys believe that this is highly impossible. Well, this is very much a possibility if you are able to do a certain things in a right manner.

Way 1

Dress to kill. You cannot afford to be the part of the crowd and expect girls to chase you. You need to have your original style when it comes to dressing. Make sure that you visit a hair saloon every now and then. Do not forget to gel your hair. Use one of the best perfumes available in the market. Try and use one which is unique and not many guys in your town sport it. A good perfume is a real turn on for girls.

Way 2

Run away from the girls. Girls would only chase you if you are one of those unavailable types. This is a natural human tendency. We tend to run behind those things which are difficult to grab. Value yourself and make you extremely difficult to grab. Make sure that you miss a few invitations for parties. A girl might invite you over for her birthday party. Make sure that you are not in time.

Way 3

Do not stick to one girl. If you want girls to chase you than you would have to be those flirty types. Talk to all the girls in your group. Give equal importance to all of them. Showcase your hidden talents. Most of the girls like guys who have an artistic and creative side. Learn a trick or two like painting or even singing or writing.

Above all this make sure that you have a great body which is well toned. Girls would definitely fall for some heavy biceps and toned abs.

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