How to Lose Weight at a Rapid Pace - Here Are the Most Amazing Tricks You Just Can't Miss

Published: 17th May 2010
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Have you tried getting into your favorite jeans and been horrified that they don't fit you anymore? Or have you had to squeeze into your bikini and been ashamed to see the extra rolls of fat around your middle? Either way, you must have made up your mind to get rid of it fast! Take a look at these tips that will help you to get shed those rolls as soon as possible!

Cut down on junk food.
If you have been accustomed to eating those pizzas, burgers with extra large fries, sodas and other fried food, then it is time to make some changes! Start cutting down the number of times you visit these fast food joints. If the number is 6 times a week, then make it 4 in the beginning and bring it down to just twice a week. Very soon you will be visiting the place once in a blue moon.

Substitute the junk for healthy food.
Replace the fatty rich fried food with vegetables. Do this gradually so that you develop a taste for it. Step by step start adding nutrient rich cereals and low-fat foods in your diet. Drink water instead of sodas to keep your body in a hydrated condition.

Don't be idle.
Keep a strict exercise regime and try not to be lethargic. You could even cycle on an "exercise bike" and watch TV instead of flopping down on the couch! Add walking and swimming to your exercise regime during the week. All this exercise will help you burn the fat as fast as possible.

You can lose a lot of weight by fasting. But of course you have to be within limits. Don't starve your body as it needs the food for energy but you can keep a rigid fast once or twice a week which will help to cut down calories like crazy! If you have the willpower to do it - then go ahead. It is easy and has no expenses!

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