How to Know When Your Spouse is Lying to You - 4 Tricks Which Will Make You a Human Lie Detector

Published: 29th April 2010
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Often, a spouse might take the help of lies to cover up an affair. If your spouse too has become a frequent flyer on Con-Air, then it is time to ground him/her permanently.

Here are 4 tricks on how to catch lies from your spouse....

Trick No.1 - Ask your spouse about his/her whereabouts after some time. If your spouse claims that he/she was at a certain place at a certain time, then note that down and casually ask the same question after a few days.

Most probably, your spouse might falter as he/she feverishly tries to remember the lie that had been previously told. This would not be so difficult had he/she be speaking the truth in the first place.

Trick No.2 - Watch your spouse's eyes. Your spouse could easily lie to you to cover up his/her adulterous affair but his/her eyes might not be so confident.

You might find your spouse's eyes darting like a condemned man facing the hangman's noose. Your spouse might look everywhere except your own eyes.

Trick No.3 - Hear your spouse's voice. Your spouse might start lowering his/her voice while speaking to you, especially when you inquire about his/her whereabouts.

This could be in contrast to the confidence shown while talking about other matters and this too could surely indicate that your spouse is quietly lying through his/her teeth.

Trick No.4 - Watch your spouse's body. Your spouse might suddenly start acting very nervously or suspiciously, especially before leaving the house to liaison with the other person.

If your ex starts to twitch or nervously plays with his/her hair, ears or nose then be sure that your lying spouse's nervous body is trying to spell out the truth.

Use these 4 tricks to trick your spouse into speaking out the truth. A keen sense of observation will enable you to spot your lying spouse quickly.

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