How to Know What My Ex Feels Towards Me? 4 Proven Keys Which Will Bring Out the Truth

Published: 27th May 2010
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Your breakup might have been very bitter but time heals all wounds. Your ex too would have realized that feelings of anger and hatred have parted to allow for feelings of love to emerge again.

If you feel a positive change of attitude within your ex then you can explore further and find out what your ex feels towards you by using the following keys.

Initiate casual contact and observe your ex's response...
You will need to initiate some form of contact to know about your ex's feelings towards you. You can start by calling your ex and asking for help on small matters.

If your ex shows active interest in helping you out and does not make excuses for backing out then that is a good sign. You can proceed ahead by casually asking your ex to join you for a cup of coffee. Do not become aggressive but maintain a decent time gap before initiating contact again.

Study your ex's body language when he/she is around you...
Your ex's body will emit a lot of signals if he/she is still in love with you. Your ex might start fiddling with his/her hair or nose just as in those good old days.

Your ex might also develop feelings of shyness with you while his/her eyes might linger over you much longer than before. Your ex could also start leaning towards you whilst talking and this is a sure sign of renewed interest.

Watch your ex's reaction to light flirting...
This move should not be attempted if your ex is a boxer with a penchant for biting people's ears off. You could try flirting lightly at any party attended by your ex and slyly watch your ex's reaction from the corner of your eye.

If your ex turns over a shade of green and displays an aggressive attitude then feelings of love and desire have certainly erupted out in the form of jealous rage. This could surely indicate that your ex still has feelings towards you and does not like any other suitor approaching you at all.

Stay out of touch for a few days...
You should suddenly stop all contact with your ex for a week or fortnight. Take a small vacation without informing your ex and do not contact him/her when you return.

If your ex has developed feelings for you again then he/she might try to contact mutual friends to find out about your whereabouts and could contact you once you are back in town. This would indicate that your ex cares about you and could be worried after you might have stopped contact.

These keys will provide you with definite information as to whether your ex has abandoned feelings of anger and has fallen right back in love with you. Use them to find out if your ex is ready and willing to walk back into a new relationship with you.

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