How to Know If Your Spouse is Lying to You - Stunningly Easy Ways to Catch It

Published: 06th May 2010
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Sometimes you have this nagging doubt and suspicion that your spouse is lying to you. Facing the truth can be pretty painful, so you could decide to ignore the signs. But living in constant uncertainty and doubt could be worse. There are simple ways to know if your spouse is a lying cheat.

If he/she is constantly traveling on business/company trips but is very hesitant to tell you about them, neither does he/she show you any proof that it was in fact a business trip.

If your spouse's behavior has changed all of a sudden and if he/she is lying to you then his/her body language will give him/her away! Lying spouses will refuse to meet your eyes while speaking. He/she will stammer and stutter in his/her speech.

A lying spouse will constantly try to cover up his/her tracks with one lie after another. These lies will contradict each other and his/her stories will not match. So keep a track on what he/she tells you.

If your spouse has been 'complaining' about a boss/secretary who has been 'making his/her life miserable' and yet has been spending too much time at the office, then a surprise visit to the office during "extra hours" is a good idea, for you just might find your spouse in a compromising situation with the boss/secretary!!!

If your spouse is never at home and is always making an excuse to get out of the house, then it is possible that he/she has a rendezvous with someone else.

Sometimes your spouse may be so comfortable about lying that he/she has become an expert at it! If that is the case then you will have to rely on finding physical evidence to catch his/her lies, like love notes or other articles that could prove that he/she is lying.

Checking up on his/her cell phone for messages or the call-log that your spouse has forgotten to delete may help you to catch him/her.

These seven simple tips will help find out if your spouse is lying or you are simply being paranoid about the whole issue.

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