How to Know If Your Spouse is Lying to You - 3 Stunning Tricks Which Will Help You Catch a Lie

Published: 28th April 2010
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What can be more dreadful in a relationship other than encountering the bitter truth that your spouse is lying to you? It can be a tough job to spot a lying spouse, especially when your spouse possesses the ability to outsmart you. Hopefully the ways mentioned below help you to know if your spouse is lying to you. Try them out at your risk....

A constant change in subject - It is in fact one of the best ways to know whether your spouse is lying to you. Often you may see that your spouse is trying to evade questions dealing with sudden change in his professional life. At times s/he may also express irritation at the mere mention of something or may even express reluctance in discussing issues which are of vital importance to your family life.

Observe non-verbal cues - The non-verbal cues speak a great deal in making you aware that your spouse is lying to you. Belief that liars cannot maintain good eye-contact is a matter of old-books. In fact liars can very well maintain great eye contact and utter statements which do not even have a pinch of truth. In this case watch out for non-verbal cues. Make a keen observation as to whether your spouse is getting nervous when you are making the usual day-to-day enquiries. Also look out if he becomes less fluent when you counter-attack him with a flurry of questions.

Violent explosion - Another great way to know whether your spouse is lying is when s/he starts exploding at the slightest mention of something. Your spouse may also go to the extent of blaming you for doubting his/her integrity. Often these explosions are a result of extreme fear and tension of being exposed and caught red-handed.

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