How to Know If Your Ex Wants You Back? Sure Fire Ways Which Work Magically Well Always

Published: 20th May 2010
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Clueless on whether your ex is still into you and wants you back? Here's some surefire way to find out.

Unknown messages - right before you hit the sack, you hear your phone message alert sounding off. When you check it out, it's a blank message from your ex. You then, send a reply asking why you got an empty text message. A few minutes went off and you get a reply stating it was sent merely by mistake. Well, one thing's for sure, that is indeed not an accident. Your ex sent that purposely to find out if you're going to reply to test the waters. It's a clear sign that they he or she still wants you back.

All cheesy smiles in their facebook profile - The fact of the matter is, he or she wants you to take notice of his or her hotter new look. You log in to your facebook account and you see your ex's status message changed every hour, bingo! One big clue that he or she wants you to check out her profile, and when you do, there is a big chance you'd see freshly uploaded pictures of just how happy and hot your ex is. Well big news friend that is bait and a big clue.

Pictures with a supposedly new partner - Men and women alike are territorial by nature. If they see something that they previously have that is now being sported by someone else, they are bound to take notice and grab it back. So if you see those kind of pictures, once again, it's a big clue that you are wanted back, your ex is calling on to your territorial, animalistic side to take on the bait.

Your ex seemed ubiquitous - you seem to bump into your ex on just about anywhere, even cyber space. Chances are he or she wants to be in the same social circle just so he or she can find out if you're looking for someone to replace that spot in your heart that he or she used to occupy.

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