How to Know If Your Ex Wants You Back - Here is How to Read Your Ex's Mind Within Seconds

Published: 24th May 2010
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You took your sweet time recovering from a breakup. Ending a relationship is never easy especially if you are the one who has been "dumped". After months of coming to terms with the split up you have found the courage to go out on dates again. So one night while you and your date was having drinks in a bar, you bumped into your ex. Your ex looked surprised.

You were too as you find a trace of sadness in your ex's facial expression. Could it be? Is your ex actually sad that he/she saw you on a date? How do you tell if your ex wants you back?

Was the "accidental" meeting actually planned? - Since you told a couple of friends where you would be that night ask those friends if your ex called them to fish for the latest news about you. If your ex did, the meeting might not have been accidental at all.

How did your ex's face look when he/she was you with your date? - Was your ex's facial expression nonchalant, it was as if there was nothing significant in the meeting? Or was your ex's face sad and longing. If your ex's face was happy then suddenly crumpled when he/she saw your date, your ex still has feelings for you.

Did your ex call after the meeting? -If your ex called the following day and asked you a myriad of unimportant things just to keep the conversation rolling, then your ex still likes you. Your ex might just be testing the water so to speak.

Did you ex send you a note or message - or even flowers? If your ex did, then he/she is definitely missing you and can't just figure out how to go about telling you what a fool he /she was for breaking up with you.

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